UAE is the largest with an unbeatable blend of Arabian traditions and an ultra-modern lifestyle, with its extraordinary architecture and bold style. Dubai, the UAE brand is distinctive from other cities. Top brains around the world handle this city. It is marketed all around the world as the “Dream Heaven” for billionaires. It is not only famous for its reputation, but Its magical glimpse exceeds your expectations.

Sheikh Hamdan in his tweet, “In the next upcoming years, Dubai will be the most famous visited place around the globe. It is necessary to make its foundations strong to establish leadership. Leadership is achieved only by adopting a set of ambitions, advance development strategies and productive projects.

Discover Dubai:

Thinking about the vocational destination? Book a flight to Dubai. A trip to Dubai enriches you culturally, historically, and entertains you beyond the imagination. Dubai is one of the safest places for tourists. It is the fastest emerging city around the globe. Dubai is an unforgettable gone-to holiday destination, with its top notched entertainment, shopping, glamorous deserts, theme parks, mysterious beaches, dining, and shopping attractions. Dubai is quite an expensive place, but there are some places to visit in Dubai for free. These places are Fashion Avenue, Dino Display, Dubai Fountain, Burj-Al- Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium, VR Park, and Human Waterfalls.

Best of Dubai City:

This city has an electric mix of entertainment to suit all tastes. From shopping craze to adventures souls, to seek food, fun, events, outdoor outing, and indoor activities for youngsters and families. Dubai is a paradise for shoppers. It has the world’s biggest iconic malls, traditional Souk, Gold Souk, and two seasonal shopping festivals. Dubai rated as the second most important retail opportunity by international brands. In this fancy world, one can get whatever he or she desired. You can get all top world-class brands such as Dolce & Gabbana or Hermes to recognize brands like H&Ms Well, Next, and Gap and you can get every item from 4 wheels to perfumes. If you are looking for some traditional things, then you can get them from old Dubai Souk. If you have a plan for shopping in Dubai, then you must have visited these malls. The Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, Dubai Shopping Center, Dubai Festive City Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, Ibn-E-Battuta Mall, City Center Deira, Safari Mall Sharjah, BurJaman, Dubai Marina Mall, and Mercato Shopping Mall are well renowned.

Dubai is famous for gold as it has the worlds largest gold market. If you are looking for gold, then Dubai is one of the best places to visit to buy gold. The glam and glitz of gold market attract every tourist even those who do not want to purchase. The Gold Souk in Dubai is in “Deira”.

If you want to get the energetic view of the Dubai Fountain, then you must visit the fountainfrom6: 00 pm to 10:00 pm daily. To feel the moves of the fountain on the musical beats and rhythms with different lights. This experience will fascinate your soul.

Dubai is a blend of Islamic culture and modern lifestyle. If you are looking Dubai from the perspective of Islamic art and architecture, then you will find the world’s best Mosque and Tradition centres. Dubai has appealing Islamic architectural designs. All Arabs preserve their culture even they are ultramodern. All cities are overlapped with High Rise buildings, but contrary to it cannot reduce the value and popularity of beautiful and elegant Mosques. These Mosques show the true spirit of Islam. A list of some marvellous Mosques is Grand Mosque, Jumeirah Mosque, Al Farooq Umar Bin Khattab Mosque, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and Al Noor Mosque. If you want to give a glance at history and tradition of Dubai, then You have must have to visit Alserkal Cultural Foundation, Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Historical District, Sheikh Muhammad Cultural Center.

Tourist accommodation in Dubai is expensive than other countries around the Globe.  Dubai offers world-class hotels and resorts. All expensive hotels have many luxurious facilities and restaurants to ensure a comfortable and sophisticated stay. It’s challenging to sort out which area and hotel will be the best one. Dubai is rich in heritage and culture, so all the areas and hotels are well facilitated and have unlimited options. Some places are best to enjoy the nightlife of this city.

  • In Deira, Park Hayat Dubai, Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Tower, Dubai Festivals City.
  • In Bur Dubai, Raffles Hotel, Grand Hayat Dubai, Palazzo Versace Dubai.
  • In Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab, Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Al Naseem, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Royal Mirage.

In Dubai, restaurants are not only serving Dubai unique delights but also serving a large variety of every national cuisine across the world. Dubai is famous for chefs and restaurants. In Dubai, hotels are not just for food, but every restaurant is beautifully decorated and a destination for different activities and everlasting fun. Some top restaurants are, Pierchi, Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, Eauzone, La Petite Maison, Al Hadheer AH, Zhenghe’s, Nobu, Thiptara, Budha Bar, and Table 9.

Dubai is

Things to do in Dubai City:               

If you have an adventurous soul, then there are many activities to calm your disparate soul. “Helicopter Tour” is considered as one of the bests of Dubai. This tour will give you a dramatic look at Dubai, most of us never experienced before. It will leave some unforgettable memories with you. Flying around iconic landmarks as Burj-Al-Khalifa, Burj of Arab, and other skyscrapers will fascinate your eyes and soul. It will provide the bird’s eye-catching a view of the beaches, waterfalls, world Island, Seahorse Islands, deserts with your pilot’s commentary. This trip will help you find all Dubai on one plate.

You can also discover all the points in Dubai with the big bus tour. It will also give you a fantastic experience in Dubai. It will be the pocket-friendly experience to discover Dubai. This tour will be with touring guide, and you can visit all famous spots of Dubai.

The Mall of Emirates is renowned for shopping, but there are plenty of activities to do. You can enjoy different indoor games, theme park, and be amazed at Magic Planet. It is also famous for indoor Ski Dubai, to enjoy this expansive snow park. For Skiing, tobogganing, play with penguins, Snowboarding, and thrilling chairlift rides.

There are many attractions in Dubai for tourists. Such as water parks, scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, theatres, shows, musical concerts, gardens, kids fun places,  museums, Amusement parks, wildlife parks, nightlife entertainment and even cruise tour. In Dubai, you can do whatever you want to do. Dubai is Paradise for tourists.

Activities at Safari Desert:  

Desert trip in Dubai will give you eternal essence of fascinating experience and feast your eyes with splendid scenery. This tour is a blend of adventures, cultural or traditional entertainment and lavish dinner with top-notch presentation under the stars.

Generally, all spots entertain visitors in the same way. Their package includes:

  • Exciting Rise Surrey Rides, Sand Skiing, Quad bike Ride.
  • Camel Riding.
  • Unique Henna painting for women.
  • Shisha smoke for men.
  • Welcome beverages.
  • Arabian dates and kehwa.
  • Dinner B.B.Q in Bedouin-style camp
  • A glimpse of Arabian music and dance.

Dune bashing is attractive and enjoyable for those who know the charm of breaking soft sand and then gravity will guide your car. Desert Safari Sharjah is renowned for dune bashing. Some famous spots in Sharjah for dune bashing are Al Fayah Desert, Bidayer, and Fossils rock.

Desert Safari Dubai is introducing a distinct feature to attract visitors that are breakfast in a Hot Air Balloon and falconry experience. The night view is heart taking, all set up is under the starry sky with the live performance of Arabian beats with the entry of Belly Dancers, a Tanura Dancers show, and a fire show. The best of this tour is that you can use Arabic Costumes for photography. These activities will be the everlasting experience and always live in memory. Before sunrise in the morning, touring guide will take you for hot air balloon Adventure. Your balloon will be launched at Margham to over 1200 feet. Through these various activities in camp, we came to know about the traditional Arabian themes and their hospitality.

Liwa Safari Trip is distinctive for freshwater pools and palm groves in the Oasis, which symbolise the culture of the Bedouins lifestyle. Hence we should write another blog on Desert safari Blog because this is unique and most attractive for all tourists.