Every year the rate of tourism in Dubai has been increasing. They are continuously developing and constructing amazing touristy spots to entertain their visitors and make them eager to come back to visit Dubai. They have so much to explore for every age group and sets. They have entertainments stuff for kids, adventurous ventures for adults and romantic places for couples. Tourism in Dubai is increasing excessively due to which they are working on expansion of the tourism program.

Dubai is wining so many hearts because of the exceptional experience they provide. Tourism in Dubai is leading to people actually moving to Dubai and settling there, as there are a lot of opportunities for everyone. There is 11.6% contribution, which is done by tourism in Dubai’s GDP. In addition, Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports on the world.

Why Dubai has become a center of attraction for tourists?

Dubai is one of the most desired destinations for tourists. They love the tropical weather and eye catching beaches. Furthermore their safaris cannot be ignored as its one the main highlights and ‘must go’ for the tourists. Their safaris are available throughout the year. Dubai has approximately 555 hotels, and from which there are 62 are only ‘five star hotels’. UAE looks after their tourists very carefully and make sure to give them best of best experience. They have utilized their beaches and deserts in the best possible way to win tourist’s hearts. These are some favors and perks that tourists gets.

One lifetime experience which is Dubai desert trip.

Dubai desert trip is one of the most enchanting adventure. People all around the world comes here to cherish it. Dubai desert trip is also called desert safari. It is not just a safari, there is a lot more you are offered and that you can enjoy. It is a drive through ride to dunes in desert. Dubai desert trips has enormous activities like:

Live through wildlife experience

Live through wildlife experience consist of seeing desert’s wild life. Tourists get to see wild cats, monitor lizards and also falconry bread.

Camel ride in the desert

Camel ride in the desert is a must try. Tourist like to do a round trip on camel in desert which is very exciting and one hack of an experience. All the camels are friendly and trained. All the Dubai desert trip consist of small camel ride.

Thrilling rides and activity

Dubai desert trip also have incredible thrilling and breath taking activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing and dune buggy ride. They are offered in different tours.

Scrumptious Arab cuisine

There are various tour packages that may include food, but it is totally worth spending a little more and take complete experience of Emirati and Bedouin style of cuisine.  Try there specialty and taste their culture. Their authentic food and flavors are delicious and their hospitality is commendable too.

Cultural dance and music in the evenings

Dubai desert trip are a little hot and scorching in the day time, but their evenings are fairly chilly and cold. Therefore, taking full advantage of beautiful evening enjoying Arab’s traditional music and dance is worth undergoing. Furthermore, having their customary drinks and refreshments are cherry on the top.

Traditional and local entertainment

Dubai desert trip also incorporate some local entertainment for the tourists, such as henna tattoos, shesha and poultry painting.

Here are some heart wining desert safari Dubai reviews

Deseret safari Dubai reviews are so amazing. There are a lot of tourist site that has wonderful reviews about the safari. Moreover, there are numerous influencers like travel bloggers and vloggers, celebrities and youtubers who swear by the experience they had in the desert safari Dubai. Everyone strongly recommend desert safari after they have an experience of their own.

Dubai morning Safari deals are the best catch for tourists

Desert safari Dubai morning deals are something every tourist would want. There are so many various deals and packages. They have something for everyone. They make sure they cater everyone needs and preferences. Following are some incredible deals.

Desert safari Dubai morning deal: 4×4 with dune bashing.

This safari is 4hrs long. It has a pick and stop service from hotel. They have water and drinks loaded in the car. They are have stops for photo-shoot, along with capturing of landscape. Moreover, a short camel ride. Last but not the least, in a 4×4 land cruiser dune bashing ride.

Desert safari Dubai morning deal: 4WD vehicle.

It is also a 4hrs long safari. They also have an exciting short camel ride and a visit to Arabian camel farm. In addition with, sand boarding. Moreover, they have a quad biking adventure as well, which gives a rush of adrenalin to the tourists.

sand boarding, camel ride and brunch.

In this safari, the adventures starts with pick-up done from hotel. They are directly taken to desert for a safari in a 4×4 land cruiser. Furthermore, they are taken them to Al – khayama a traditional camp, for a mouthwatering and delicious feast. They offer a very Emirati cuisine brunch. They also demonstrate how to make the Arabian tea.

Moving forward, they provide a small camel ride. Along with a dune bashing ride. Last but not the least, in the end they sum it up with sand boarding activity.

Desert safari booking is very convenient.

Desert safari booking is so easy and expedient. There are plenty of tour guides, along with various deals and packages. Therefore, booking safari is just a click away. They can be done through their office, on call, though website or through their app they are available. Desert safari booking is one easy step for a great adventure. Pre booking saves a lot of time and money. They provide seasonal and occasional deals and discounts too.

To wrap up,

In my opinion, tourism in Dubai is excessive for the reason that it is absurd and remarkable experience each one of us should experience and live. They are number for their amazing hospitality and generousness.

Dubai is one of the most multicultural country. They have so much to mesmerize tourists.  Since 2017 there were 15.79 million tourists who have visited Dubai, according to Dubai tourist board. There assumption is that, there will be 20 million visitors in 2020. Dubai is also known as center of touristy hub. Their development over the years are commendable.

Dubai night

What does Dubai offer the tourists?

Dubai has developed so much over the years. It has some extremely unique and eye catching views and activities to offer. They have incorporated breath taking adventures to highly elite and posh hotels and restaurants to excite its tourists. They have constructed incredible building and malls. Dubai have amazing night life as well. There are enchanting clubs and parties all over the week. Moreover, they have surreal beaches. They also highlighted marine life in the most wonderful manner, like no one else. They also have to offer activities to tourists like, mentioned below

The most adventurous Camel desert safari.

Camel desert safari is a camel ride in Dubai. It is one of the most common yet most demanded activity that tourist love to do. It is a 7 hours adventure that integrate other astonishing aspects, to make the tourist’s experience even more delightful.

Camel Safari

It starts with, a 45minute of camel ride in Bedouin style to camps for royal desert retreat. In the evening, when the sun sets, they demonstrate traditional coffee-making. There are henna artists on board as well. In this safari they show falconry bread. Furthermore, they serve 4 meal course which is delicious and had a hint of Arabian culture. The ambience is enchanted with the traditional music and dance. To end the lovely evening they have pick and drop service to central Dubai.

What about the expense and cost of desert safari?

The cost of desert safari is kept very standard. They very keeping in mind that all them tourist should experience this incredible experience. They are generous enough to keep kids under 3 years free. Then they have different pricing for the kids of 3-10 years and a different price range for adults. They have different packages for groups.

Dubai city tour is also very eye catching for tourists.

Dubai city tour consist of many things. They have different routes and various tour guides. Dubai is full of unbelievable places that are must see and experience.

Dubai city Tour

To begin with, Dubai has two routes. First of all they have a (Red route) which is the city tour. In this tour tourists get to see building and monuments. They have immense malls and amazing restaurants. Secondly, they have (Blue route) which consist of marine tour. In this tour they have beaches and island. This gives you a chance to see the marine life, underwater restaurants and hotels. They have fountain show which nothing less than a dream. Last but not the least, they cruise tour is the golden seal of the blue route.

In addition, they have various tour guides for Dubai city tour. They have different packages. They have different places to visit in different deals, which are customize according to the tourists choice.

Here are some best desert safari operators.

There are plenty of wonderful desert safari operators who offers amazing guides and tours. They are designed accordingly. Each one has some unique and different premium factors. Few of the cream operators are: Desert safari rides, they have tours for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They are one if the top notch desert safari operators in UAE. There hospitality is well known and recognized all over the UAE. They promise a life time experience.

Furthermore, there is Emirates Desert Safari , they are also unique and amazing in what they serve to the tourists. Their dedication to offer core value is first priority. They make sure they satisfy their tourist and fulfill their desire. Desert safari UAE is in top ranking operators of Dubai. Last but not the least, they provides discounts and deals to the tourists as well.

Even more, DXB tours is also finest operators of desert safari. They have premium and luxurious safari options. They are providers of best experience and commitments. They vision is to make sure all the tourists are happy and have the best time of their lives. They are high end tours. DXB tours are well known for the best desert safari operators.

These are few Best evening desert safari operators in Dubai. They are reputed and also won awards for their incredible services. They are exceptional in their own ways. Each one have very amazing reviews.

In the end.

I believe Dubai is one of the most interesting and wonderful place to visit and everyone should at least visit there once to experience the Emirati traditions and culture.

Dubai, the capital is located on the Persian Coast of the UAE, is bordered by Abu Dhabi from the south, shares its border in the northeast with Sharjah, and southeast by Sultanate Of Oman. Situated on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is tangled with sand from 3 sides. Dubai is popular for sightseeing attractions such as beautifully designed landmarks, skyscrapers, creek, mosques, malls, gardens, culture, and heritage. A trip to Dubai is more attractive and full of surprises with its panoramic views. Especially, Desert Safari has considered as a mainstream of tourism magnetise towards Dubai as the moth to a flame. Dubai desert safari captures the hearts of many tourists around the globe throughout the year, by its countless entertaining activities and hospitality. Dubai desert safari is famous because of its wide range of attractions among all age groups. The Dubai desert is a supreme way to get unlimited and unsurpassed enjoyment. It has a vast range of attractions to conquer.

Dune bashing is one of the iconic off-road experience on sand dunes.  Among youngsters, sand boarding and sand skiing is very popular. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding but it involves sand dune desert for riding while standing on the board. It is not an easy job. If you are an expert, then you can avail this chance otherwise it will be a great loss for you. Sandboard and snowboards are quite similar but the sandboards have harder bases than snowboards and built out of the formica or laminex. Their bases are usually waxed with paraffin. For sand boarding and sand skiing there is no need for specific outfits or costumes. You just need wax, board and goggles if you are sandboarding. If you are sand skiing then you just need a pair of skis and skis poles. Using the sandboards and sand skiing people surf on the sand and get a hilarious and breathtaking experience they had never before. You don’t need any experience for bashing the sand dunes Dubai and indulging in different activities because of the properly trained guide is always around you. Our guide will always available to guide you for sport and get utmost and esthetic enjoyment.

Desert SafariThe main and most famous animal for bashing and sand dune desert is a camel. Desert without riding a camel is like a plant growth without light and water. Camels are known as “the ship of the desert”. Desert tour is always incomplete without the camel ride. Camels are considered as an integral part of the desert. These human-friendly giants still have very importance in Arab culture because before the invention od 4×4 cruisers they used camels to cross the deserts. The sand dunes and panoramic views of desert appeal to many nature lovers for the photoshoot. If you are not an expert, then you can also hire the best photographer for your rememberable the photoshoot. The aromatic essence of the desert with always with you in the form of pictures. You may be experiencing the photoshoot with tamed parrots but desert safari offers you a heart taking the experience of a photo shoot with flying falcons and show your friends by posting your pictures on Facebook and Instagram who is the boss? The evening view when the sun sets and sent his cold rays to glitters the sand, It is also a memorable scenic view of the desert.

After a day full of thrill and adventure, the soothing evening view there are many more for relaxing and calming your heart and soul. Central camps in the desert, are waiting for you to give you a true experience of Bediouns lifestyle and traditions. These Arabian themed Bediouns style camp base are invited you to sit in couches and appreciate Arabian floor sitting. Their hospitality is very famous among all the visitors. They offer you to partake in traditional emirate activities like shisha smoking, henna painting, face painting in kids and even camel or horse riding too. Henna painting is used in Arabian culture to texture hands, arms and feet. It has a refreshing fragrance and lasts for 3 to 4 days. You are warmly welcomed by with different drinks, coffee, Arabian Kehwa and tea before dinner. These traditional Arabian carpets give you more fun and royal feelings about yourself. They are also offering Arabian traditional costumes to wear and get fun for your Facebook and Instagram to appreciate the real Arabian culture.  You can also rejoice yourself with some world-class 5 entertainment live shows like Fire show, Tanura dance, Belly dance,  Puppet plays for children, and Arabian Halla Dance. After all, these activities fuel up yourself and serve your craving with a wide array of traditional and international standard buffet-style mouth-watering dinner. It had exclusive options for vegetarians and non-vegetarian with the twist of grilled barbecue. You can enjoy the nude sky by gazing the stars laying in the camp. This unforgettable view of sparkling stars will always be with you in your good memories. After these mind-blowing experiences, one can say that the desert safari Dubai experience is something beyond the expectations. The pleasant effects of the desert are not easy for the description.

About Dubai:

Dubai is the Muslimemirate but had the most liberal approach among all emirates. This human-made paradise keeps on adding luxuries, colors, funs, and wonderful feathers to its cap. Dubai is must be visited to be believed. If we are looking for general information about Dubai, then this paradise located on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf. Its area comprises of approximately 3,900 square kilometers. The dynamics of Dubai are always transient and ever-changing with its continuous desire to improve its culture and architecture day by day.  Dubai constantly dwells its suppressive struggle with itself trying to attract tourist to a fantasy of attraction and unheard luxuries around the globe. Dubai is considered as a hub for business and tourist attraction. A huge investment predicts Dubai, as grow into the global financial center. This splendid city homes to the world most attractive landmarks, skyscrapers, expensive hotels and restaurants, parks, and nightlife. Dubai is an exact combination of culture, tradition, business, fun, and exposures.

Dubai Tourism guide:

Dubai is the fourth most visited place across the globe after Bangkok, Paris, and London according to MasterCard Global Destination cities index. By the current survey, the tourism industry in Dubai is the most profitable industry from last few years. The chief executive of tourism Issam Kazim said, In the success of Dubai, there is a strong contribution tothe new attraction and massive experiences. Dubai is a liberal city but had some definite rules that need to be followed. You have to respect the rules in public places but privately you can do what ever you want.

The vast deserts, intriguing beaches, highly luxurious hotels and shopping malls, cultural and heritage attraction, and booming business concepts magnetizing people around the globe. Each year Dubai receives millions of vocational and business visitors. This ratio is also increasing day by day. All across the world Dubai facts tourism benefits from a wide range of services and infrastructure to promote disturbance-free trip. There are many Dubai tourism packages from different companies. But Emirates desert safari introduced many economical packages for visitors and tourists.

Accommodation and weather of Dubai:

In Dubai, accommodation is quite expensive. Hotels have many luxuries and facilities. You can enjoy the best service and avail of different opportunities to enjoy your trip in good manners. These hotels are clean and fully ventilated with different natural scenes. If you want to rent an apartment then you have many choices to match your style. These apartments have stylish and modern bathrooms, well-equipped kitchen, rooftop pools along with air condition. By the administration of many hotels and apartments, many tourism packages were introduced for customer ease. Every hotel provides a complete map of Dubai information for tourists. Many places are surrounded by fine dining restaurants, gyms, clubs, cocktail bars, poolside shisha.

Duabi as a dream

The warm and sunny climate in Dubai is perfect for tourism. Most of the year, the atmosphere is mild with low rainfall. From June to August, the summers is at its peak with high humidity. In terms of climate, this season is worst for traveling and visiting this place. Dubai took some advance necessary steps for high temperature. All public transports, shopping malls, resorts, indoor parks, hotels and restaurants are fully air-conditioned. The best and most attractive time to visit Dubai is from September to March.But these months are considered as a peak visited months across the globe. So, to relax and calm traveling booking your accommodation will be highly advised.

Shopping tourism:

Dubai becomes the most visited place in recent years. It is not only a famous tourist destination but also a dream destination for shopping craze. By a survey, Dubai is voted as number one shopping destination. Dubai has an extraordinary blend of services that provide a truly significant and comfortable shopping experience for customers. Dubai is the mainstream of international brands and retail outlets challenging others across the world. By the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing gives a key attribute to Emirates as the best shopping destination in the Arab world. This department improves and promotes it by reinforcing the reputation of Dubai as the best shopping capital of the World. Every year Dubai attracts many shopping lovers from the world by its shopping-oriented festivals such as Dubai Shopping Festivals and Dubai Summer Surprises.

Nightlife Attraction:

One of the most tourist’s attraction is Dubai nightlife. Dubai has a variety to offer in aspects of late-night entertainment and Dubai claims to fame is in its lively nightlife. Most popular and world-famousclubs’ nights and DJ’s came across the globe to attract tourism. The most demanded artists around the world including Solomon, Guetta David, Carl Cox  as well as the more underground artists like 50 cents came to Dubai to entertain visitors on a weekly basis.The well-renowned hotels have night club and bars. As Dubai is Muslim emirates that why Alcohol is not allowed openly. The legal age for clubbing and drinking is 21 while the night clubs strictly adhere to this rule. If you want to be entertained by the clubs, you must have your Passport along with you if you are a visitor but if you are living in Emirates then you must have Emirate ID or driving license along with you for the hassle-free visit. For clubbing, you can wear the outfit accordingly but not allowed in public. Thursday and Friday are reflected as the most visited days in clubs. The crowd varies from club to club but mostly on these days, all the clubs are packed because of the end of work week. The timing of the club starts at 10:00 pm till the late night approximately 3:00 am, although most bars are closed around 1:00 am. All the clubs offer an appropriate environment to enjoy the joy of lush landscaping, dance floor, DJ booth while dancing on the beat under the Arabian tunes. The seven most famous night clubs are club 360, Nasimi Beach, Trilogy, Barasti, Boudoir, Mahiki, and N’Dulge.

UAE is the largest with an unbeatable blend of Arabian traditions and an ultra-modern lifestyle, with its extraordinary architecture and bold style. Dubai, the UAE brand is distinctive from other cities. Top brains around the world handle this city. It is marketed all around the world as the “Dream Heaven” for billionaires. It is not only famous for its reputation, but Its magical glimpse exceeds your expectations.

Sheikh Hamdan in his tweet, “In the next upcoming years, Dubai will be the most famous visited place around the globe. It is necessary to make its foundations strong to establish leadership. Leadership is achieved only by adopting a set of ambitions, advance development strategies and productive projects.

Discover Dubai:

Thinking about the vocational destination? Book a flight to Dubai. A trip to Dubai enriches you culturally, historically, and entertains you beyond the imagination. Dubai is one of the safest places for tourists. It is the fastest emerging city around the globe. Dubai is an unforgettable gone-to holiday destination, with its top notched entertainment, shopping, glamorous deserts, theme parks, mysterious beaches, dining, and shopping attractions. Dubai is quite an expensive place, but there are some places to visit in Dubai for free. These places are Fashion Avenue, Dino Display, Dubai Fountain, Burj-Al- Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium, VR Park, and Human Waterfalls.

Best of Dubai City:

This city has an electric mix of entertainment to suit all tastes. From shopping craze to adventures souls, to seek food, fun, events, outdoor outing, and indoor activities for youngsters and families. Dubai is a paradise for shoppers. It has the world’s biggest iconic malls, traditional Souk, Gold Souk, and two seasonal shopping festivals. Dubai rated as the second most important retail opportunity by international brands. In this fancy world, one can get whatever he or she desired. You can get all top world-class brands such as Dolce & Gabbana or Hermes to recognize brands like H&Ms Well, Next, and Gap and you can get every item from 4 wheels to perfumes. If you are looking for some traditional things, then you can get them from old Dubai Souk. If you have a plan for shopping in Dubai, then you must have visited these malls. The Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, Dubai Shopping Center, Dubai Festive City Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, Ibn-E-Battuta Mall, City Center Deira, Safari Mall Sharjah, BurJaman, Dubai Marina Mall, and Mercato Shopping Mall are well renowned.

Dubai is famous for gold as it has the worlds largest gold market. If you are looking for gold, then Dubai is one of the best places to visit to buy gold. The glam and glitz of gold market attract every tourist even those who do not want to purchase. The Gold Souk in Dubai is in “Deira”.

If you want to get the energetic view of the Dubai Fountain, then you must visit the fountainfrom6: 00 pm to 10:00 pm daily. To feel the moves of the fountain on the musical beats and rhythms with different lights. This experience will fascinate your soul.

Dubai is a blend of Islamic culture and modern lifestyle. If you are looking Dubai from the perspective of Islamic art and architecture, then you will find the world’s best Mosque and Tradition centres. Dubai has appealing Islamic architectural designs. All Arabs preserve their culture even they are ultramodern. All cities are overlapped with High Rise buildings, but contrary to it cannot reduce the value and popularity of beautiful and elegant Mosques. These Mosques show the true spirit of Islam. A list of some marvellous Mosques is Grand Mosque, Jumeirah Mosque, Al Farooq Umar Bin Khattab Mosque, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and Al Noor Mosque. If you want to give a glance at history and tradition of Dubai, then You have must have to visit Alserkal Cultural Foundation, Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Historical District, Sheikh Muhammad Cultural Center.

Tourist accommodation in Dubai is expensive than other countries around the Globe.  Dubai offers world-class hotels and resorts. All expensive hotels have many luxurious facilities and restaurants to ensure a comfortable and sophisticated stay. It’s challenging to sort out which area and hotel will be the best one. Dubai is rich in heritage and culture, so all the areas and hotels are well facilitated and have unlimited options. Some places are best to enjoy the nightlife of this city.

  • In Deira, Park Hayat Dubai, Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Tower, Dubai Festivals City.
  • In Bur Dubai, Raffles Hotel, Grand Hayat Dubai, Palazzo Versace Dubai.
  • In Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab, Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Al Naseem, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Royal Mirage.

In Dubai, restaurants are not only serving Dubai unique delights but also serving a large variety of every national cuisine across the world. Dubai is famous for chefs and restaurants. In Dubai, hotels are not just for food, but every restaurant is beautifully decorated and a destination for different activities and everlasting fun. Some top restaurants are, Pierchi, Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, Eauzone, La Petite Maison, Al Hadheer AH, Zhenghe’s, Nobu, Thiptara, Budha Bar, and Table 9.

Dubai is

Things to do in Dubai City:               

If you have an adventurous soul, then there are many activities to calm your disparate soul. “Helicopter Tour” is considered as one of the bests of Dubai. This tour will give you a dramatic look at Dubai, most of us never experienced before. It will leave some unforgettable memories with you. Flying around iconic landmarks as Burj-Al-Khalifa, Burj of Arab, and other skyscrapers will fascinate your eyes and soul. It will provide the bird’s eye-catching a view of the beaches, waterfalls, world Island, Seahorse Islands, deserts with your pilot’s commentary. This trip will help you find all Dubai on one plate.

You can also discover all the points in Dubai with the big bus tour. It will also give you a fantastic experience in Dubai. It will be the pocket-friendly experience to discover Dubai. This tour will be with touring guide, and you can visit all famous spots of Dubai.

The Mall of Emirates is renowned for shopping, but there are plenty of activities to do. You can enjoy different indoor games, theme park, and be amazed at Magic Planet. It is also famous for indoor Ski Dubai, to enjoy this expansive snow park. For Skiing, tobogganing, play with penguins, Snowboarding, and thrilling chairlift rides.

There are many attractions in Dubai for tourists. Such as water parks, scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, theatres, shows, musical concerts, gardens, kids fun places,  museums, Amusement parks, wildlife parks, nightlife entertainment and even cruise tour. In Dubai, you can do whatever you want to do. Dubai is Paradise for tourists.

Activities at Safari Desert:  

Desert trip in Dubai will give you eternal essence of fascinating experience and feast your eyes with splendid scenery. This tour is a blend of adventures, cultural or traditional entertainment and lavish dinner with top-notch presentation under the stars.

Generally, all spots entertain visitors in the same way. Their package includes:

  • Exciting Rise Surrey Rides, Sand Skiing, Quad bike Ride.
  • Camel Riding.
  • Unique Henna painting for women.
  • Shisha smoke for men.
  • Welcome beverages.
  • Arabian dates and kehwa.
  • Dinner B.B.Q in Bedouin-style camp
  • A glimpse of Arabian music and dance.

Dune bashing is attractive and enjoyable for those who know the charm of breaking soft sand and then gravity will guide your car. Desert Safari Sharjah is renowned for dune bashing. Some famous spots in Sharjah for dune bashing are Al Fayah Desert, Bidayer, and Fossils rock.

Desert Safari Dubai is introducing a distinct feature to attract visitors that are breakfast in a Hot Air Balloon and falconry experience. The night view is heart taking, all set up is under the starry sky with the live performance of Arabian beats with the entry of Belly Dancers, a Tanura Dancers show, and a fire show. The best of this tour is that you can use Arabic Costumes for photography. These activities will be the everlasting experience and always live in memory. Before sunrise in the morning, touring guide will take you for hot air balloon Adventure. Your balloon will be launched at Margham to over 1200 feet. Through these various activities in camp, we came to know about the traditional Arabian themes and their hospitality.

Liwa Safari Trip is distinctive for freshwater pools and palm groves in the Oasis, which symbolise the culture of the Bedouins lifestyle. Hence we should write another blog on Desert safari Blog because this is unique and most attractive for all tourists.

When in city a visit to the desert offers you the foremost exhilarating, entrancing and magic journey of a lifespan. With such a lot of desert hunting expedition tours to settle on from, choosing one could seem sort of a discouraging task. However booking a decent tour will create all the distinction.

Ours is listed together of the highest ten operators by the Department of business enterprise in port. We have a tendency to selected Charlie, a fellow Filipino (Dubai-based intimate with driver for eleven years) so we will management the intensity of the dune bashing to avoid complaint.

The tour comes with a whole edifice develop and drop-off service via a gleaming white Toyota four wheel drive Land Cruiser. Develop time more or less 03:00 PM. 6-7 persons will be accommodated. Back seats don’t seem to be the most effective if you would like to require sensible photos.

While anticipating alternative teams to collect, we have a tendency to stopped at a close-by food market for all varieties of pasalubong finds, from key chains to official magnets to the illustrious Emirati red and white checkered head scarf that retails for 20 AED (1 AED = P12.65 ) it’s conjointly extremely best to travel the washrooms currently as a result of the desert ride bashing are forty five minutes non-stop.

An organized sand dune bashing, a convention to drive during a convoy to the desert. My American statental head count tells me that we have a tendency to square measure a gaggle of forty 4wds Land Cruisers. Indeed, the lot of the merrier! It’s wonderful however every driver perceived to understand wherever to enter the queue. There was a track and every one vehicle religiously followed. Intimate with drivers leave zero likelihood of collision.

The thrilling roller coaster ride started once Charlie deflated the tires. we have a tendency to were told to buckle up and shortly once, we have a tendency to were sport up sand dunes, ascent ridge mountains and hit angles that felt as if we have a tendency to were planning to flip over! We have a tendency to persist to expensive life, holloaloud and giggled to our hearts content.

The nerve-wrecking half is once the driving force takes some time initially then drives the vehicle to a peak. Among two seconds, we have a tendency to command our breaths as we have a tendency to plunge deep into the sand below. This went on for concerning thirty minutes. (Avoid complaint by ensuring you’re on associate empty abdomen. Bring candies must you begin to feel nauseated)

Best piece of recommendation ever: opt for the evening desert hunting expedition; it sets it with the exception of all the remainder. A wide ranging read of the huge desert can provide you with the photo-ops to catch the beautiful sunset over tranquil scenery.









Long ago, camels were trained to face up to long and arduous journeys. Currently these camels went on to become the desert dwellers primary supply of transport, shade, milk, meat, wool and hides.

I had fantasies of riding an artiodactyls mammal during a caftan or an extended flowy dress. Tonight, I’m creating my dreams come back true! This is often a thick numerous friendly warnings that it’d be higher to simply wear jeans bundled up with a sweater on the cold camping ground.










Now of these activities for sure created us hungry. Be ready for the lavish BBQ dinner buffet future for us! Come out with this mouthwatering freshly baked Arabic/Lebanese bread (to dip this in humus + additional virgin oil is heavenly!)










From the luxurious dinner currently comes the hypnotic performance of knowledgeable exotic belly dancer. Belly dance is that the ancient dance of the Arabs. Therefore sleek that one would positively wish to hitch her.

One of the highlights of the desert hunting expedition is that the Tanoura Dance. It’s sometimes performed by Sufi men from Egypt carrying long colorful skirts. This Egyptian folk’s dance entails the dancer to rhythmically whirl/spin non-stop for over twenty minutes whereas showing off geometrical patterns, bright colors and tubes of sunshine on their apparel.

Charmed by the magic and star-lit sky at the campsite? Guests could favor to avail of the nightlong desert hunting expedition to expertise truth sounds and flavor of the desert. Associate nightlong keep within the tents.

For us, we have a tendency to set to decision it an evening and headed back to the edifice armed with stunning recollections enough to last a lifespan. The Desert hunting expedition is that the final travel expertise once in port.

Emirates best Dubai desert safari offers you some of the highly rated and best desert safari tour packages for your next best Dubai trip. Summers are here, and it’s the right time to book tickets, pack your bags, and board on Dubai adventure. Dubai is forever dazzling with tourists from all around the world because of desert safari charm, luxuries, and traditional Arab vibes. From adventures safari tours to road side shawarmas and belly dance performances, Dubai is one of the biggest tourist hub for its many amazing reasons.

With years of experience in providing travel best pocket-friendly packages, we are proud best desert safari operator in Dubai. This time, we have brought you Dubai tour packages with every next possible entertainment-may it be old or new!

Our packages include some of the best of Dubai desert safari adventures and few best Dubai historical spots to visit.

Best Dubai desert safari

Morning desert safari Dubai

Emirates desert safari brings the best safari Dubai desert adventure with morning desert safari. Morning desert safari is one of the very precious experience one can get on trip to Dubai. 4-fun and adventure packed hours on 4x4s wheeler and camel backs while sun is rising with scorching rays to wake the world up from darkens. Morning Dubai desert safari starts accelerating your excitement level at 9:00 sharp in the morning on a 4x4s seat to exactly 1:00 in evening. The package entertains you with the best adrenaline adventure with 35 minutes dune bashing, quad bike riding, sand skiing, and camel rides. The package serves you best with camps and beverages served well to keep you energized. Morning desert safari Dubai cost per person is 149 AED and varies for evening desert safari.

Historical places in Dubai

Dubai is often known for luxuries and well-furnished and decorated state of lights, while looking back at its cultural heritage, Dubai has many historical treasure spots and museums to recall the Arabic tradition.  Following are some of the best historical places to visit in Dubai for free as their worth will cost your enjoyment.

  • Sheikh saeed al maktoum house
  • Al fahidi historical neighborhood
  • Al ahmadiya school
  • Ajman Dubai

Best places to visit in Dubai

Following is a list of some of the best places to visit in Dubai that are included in our packages

Beach jumerah

Sunset from jumerah shore is the famous! Leave a day for some beach fun at jumerah beach. Jumerah beach is Dubai’s heart for ultimate beaching fun all for free. It is one of the famous yet the best spot to visit when visiting Dubai. One can take bath into the very famous beach, or have a sunbath, or else just relax back and watch the incredibly beautiful sunset from the shore.

Gold souk

Dubai gold souk is another best spot to visit while having your tour to Dubai.  Dubai has the largest gold souk around the globe. It is basically a gold market with approximately 300 gold vendors buying and selling gold in all forms. Dubai gold souk gives you one of the unique experience that you may not be able to have anywhere around the globe.

Dubai foundations

Fountains are the skyline of Dubai. Have you really been to Dubai if you haven’t seen the incredible 152 meters high dancing fountains? Dubai fountain is located at the bottom of burj khalifa, Dubai fountains are basically dancing fountains dancing to music and lights. It is one of the very crowded spots in Dubai that attracts almost every next tourists to itself.

Burj khalifa

Another best place to visit in Dubai is on other than the daunting burj khalifa. It is the world’s tallest building at 828 meters high in sky.  Burj Khalifa steals many “vows” from every next visitor. It has the fastest escalating elevators, swimming pool and the mosque. It has its observation deck on the 124th floor. This observation deck entertains visits with the panoramic view of the dazzling emirates. From here, tourists are entertained with the sights of Dubai fountains and 11 hectare large park.

Moreover, it also incorporates a first class Armani hotel in itself.

Dubai miracle garden

Dubai miracle garden is another best spot to visit in Dubai with in our best Dubai tour packages.  Dubai miracle garden is truly a heaven to see on earth. With 45 million flowers in itself, Dubai miracle garden steals many hearts with its colorful and refreshing ambiance. Whole garden is decorated with flowers forming large shapes of butterfly, heart, star, pyramid-all for beauty purpose.

Club 360

Pick our package for making your next trio t Dubai forever memorable. Our package includes a night out at the most happiest club if Dubai, club 360 bearing a breath-taking view of Arabian gulf from its heart. Club 360 encompasses high-class gentry of Dubai. It’s a circular club with its jetty outstretched one kilometer I the Arabia gulf. It is one the coolest spot to visit in Dubai to party hard until the wee hours. Club 360 is known for high class gentry, top-notch wines, and renowned DJs within the gulf ambiance.

Madinat Jumeirah

If you are the one interested in seeing some traditional Arabic architecture then our packages fits best for you. We have also included one fine visit to see the detailed Arabic architecture at traditional level. Madinat Jumeirah is one the most beautiful and spectacular building to visit in Dubai. It calls you back to Arabic old days with its fine architecture. It holds many restaurants, hotels, theaters, shops, and nightclubs in itself. One can visit it for free. Madinat Jumeirah owes you some mandatory clicks topreserve the fun forever.