Best Dubai desert safari tour

Emirates best Dubai desert safari offers you some of the highly rated and best desert safari tour packages for your next best Dubai trip. Summers are here, and it’s the right time to book tickets, pack your bags, and board on Dubai adventure. Dubai is forever dazzling with tourists from all around the world because of desert safari charm, luxuries, and traditional Arab vibes. From adventures safari tours to road side shawarmas and belly dance performances, Dubai is one of the biggest tourist hub for its many amazing reasons.

With years of experience in providing travel best pocket-friendly packages, we are proud best desert safari operator in Dubai. This time, we have brought you Dubai tour packages with every next possible entertainment-may it be old or new!

Our packages include some of the best of Dubai desert safari adventures and few best Dubai historical spots to visit.

Best Dubai desert safari

Morning desert safari Dubai

Emirates desert safari brings the best safari Dubai desert adventure with morning desert safari. Morning desert safari is one of the very precious experience one can get on trip to Dubai. 4-fun and adventure packed hours on 4x4s wheeler and camel backs while sun is rising with scorching rays to wake the world up from darkens. Morning Dubai desert safari starts accelerating your excitement level at 9:00 sharp in the morning on a 4x4s seat to exactly 1:00 in evening. The package entertains you with the best adrenaline adventure with 35 minutes dune bashing, quad bike riding, sand skiing, and camel rides. The package serves you best with camps and beverages served well to keep you energized. Morning desert safari Dubai cost per person is 149 AED and varies for evening desert safari.

Historical places in Dubai

Dubai is often known for luxuries and well-furnished and decorated state of lights, while looking back at its cultural heritage, Dubai has many historical treasure spots and museums to recall the Arabic tradition.  Following are some of the best historical places to visit in Dubai for free as their worth will cost your enjoyment.

  • Sheikh saeed al maktoum house
  • Al fahidi historical neighborhood
  • Al ahmadiya school
  • Ajman Dubai

Best places to visit in Dubai

Following is a list of some of the best places to visit in Dubai that are included in our packages

Beach jumerah

Sunset from jumerah shore is the famous! Leave a day for some beach fun at jumerah beach. Jumerah beach is Dubai’s heart for ultimate beaching fun all for free. It is one of the famous yet the best spot to visit when visiting Dubai. One can take bath into the very famous beach, or have a sunbath, or else just relax back and watch the incredibly beautiful sunset from the shore.

Gold souk

Dubai gold souk is another best spot to visit while having your tour to Dubai.  Dubai has the largest gold souk around the globe. It is basically a gold market with approximately 300 gold vendors buying and selling gold in all forms. Dubai gold souk gives you one of the unique experience that you may not be able to have anywhere around the globe.

Dubai foundations

Fountains are the skyline of Dubai. Have you really been to Dubai if you haven’t seen the incredible 152 meters high dancing fountains? Dubai fountain is located at the bottom of burj khalifa, Dubai fountains are basically dancing fountains dancing to music and lights. It is one of the very crowded spots in Dubai that attracts almost every next tourists to itself.

Burj khalifa

Another best place to visit in Dubai is on other than the daunting burj khalifa. It is the world’s tallest building at 828 meters high in sky.  Burj Khalifa steals many “vows” from every next visitor. It has the fastest escalating elevators, swimming pool and the mosque. It has its observation deck on the 124th floor. This observation deck entertains visits with the panoramic view of the dazzling emirates. From here, tourists are entertained with the sights of Dubai fountains and 11 hectare large park.

Moreover, it also incorporates a first class Armani hotel in itself.

Dubai miracle garden

Dubai miracle garden is another best spot to visit in Dubai with in our best Dubai tour packages.  Dubai miracle garden is truly a heaven to see on earth. With 45 million flowers in itself, Dubai miracle garden steals many hearts with its colorful and refreshing ambiance. Whole garden is decorated with flowers forming large shapes of butterfly, heart, star, pyramid-all for beauty purpose.

Club 360

Pick our package for making your next trio t Dubai forever memorable. Our package includes a night out at the most happiest club if Dubai, club 360 bearing a breath-taking view of Arabian gulf from its heart. Club 360 encompasses high-class gentry of Dubai. It’s a circular club with its jetty outstretched one kilometer I the Arabia gulf. It is one the coolest spot to visit in Dubai to party hard until the wee hours. Club 360 is known for high class gentry, top-notch wines, and renowned DJs within the gulf ambiance.

Madinat Jumeirah

If you are the one interested in seeing some traditional Arabic architecture then our packages fits best for you. We have also included one fine visit to see the detailed Arabic architecture at traditional level. Madinat Jumeirah is one the most beautiful and spectacular building to visit in Dubai. It calls you back to Arabic old days with its fine architecture. It holds many restaurants, hotels, theaters, shops, and nightclubs in itself. One can visit it for free. Madinat Jumeirah owes you some mandatory clicks topreserve the fun forever.

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