Dubai Camel Safari is a fun and thrilling way to explore the deserts of Dubai while having a ride on camels. Camels are known as the ships of deserts as they have the capability to moving smoothly on the desert sands. No one can walk long on the deserts of Dubai as they have much smooth sand that makes you drown in the desert.

Enjoy the The Camel Ride With Land Cruise Desert safari
Just in 249 AED per person

Camel Safari DubaiTimings of our Camel Ride Dubai

You can do the online bookings from our website. The price of the package is the same for every individual. Anyhow you can book a number of tickets according to your friends and family count.

We provide a complete desert tour of 4 hours in the morning and evening.

  • Morning timing 8:00 am between 8:30 am
  • Drop off time 11:00 between 11:30 am

Anyhow, if you desire to enjoy our Camel ride Dubai in the evening then below are the timings.

  • Full package with Evening desert safari timing 3:30 pm between 3:45 pm
  • drop off time 9:00 between 9:30 pm

Book online and enjoy cost-effective package by us. We value the choice of our guests. At any time you’ll never regret your choice. This trip will become unforgettable for you.

So, camel safari is the common convenient way in Dubai that includes the 45-minute journey through the deserts. We provide the best service to enjoy the camel desert safari in a traditional way.

You’ll feel immense pleasure to explore the deserts of Dubai by having a comfortable ride on our camels. Camels will leave their footsteps behind and move you to our traditional Bedouin camp.

These camps have lighted with glorious flames and we provide you with an opportunity to have rest for a while. You can enjoy the beauty of sunset by watching a sunset falcon show that has planned by us.

Our customers never feel disappointed after having the enjoyment on the whole trip of Dubai Camel Safari by us. We provide you the chance to watch the recreational activities of deserts.

In the evening, we offer the cultural dance which the individuals can enjoy with sheesha. To give the proper knowledge about the cultures of Dubai we give the facility to enjoy henna.

This henna includes very fine art of masterpiece that’s the specific symbol of Dubai. Ladies always feel happy after having our henna service.

Key Enjoyments in our Dubai Safari Camel

Our Dubai Camel Safari has fantastically planned by our team and it’s not only the camel ride. In fact, it’s the whole trip of the whole evening that includes adventures and thrill for people.

We serve our guests with the traditional delicious Arabian style cuisines. In the camps, we provide tasty Arabian style Qahwa and sweet dates to our guests. Guests enjoy the moments of the trips by doing photography.

The thrills of the night get enhanced by BBQ buffet. These are mouth tempering buffet that includes the most loving meats of the Arabians. Even the small children can ride easily on our camels as we’ve arranged fully secured seats.

Even you can have a more fantastic feature of shopping. No doubt shopping is the love of every person and this shopping will make you surprised. Our exhibitions by skilled Arabian Belly and Tanura Artist will offer the most traditional items.

There’s generally two sessions of the Camel Safari desert. One is in the morning and the second one is in the evening. You can enjoy the unforgettable tour of Camel Safari Dubai in an affordable amount.

We’ll say if you’re looking for unique fun in Dubai then surely it’s the best idea. We value the time and care of our customers so we’ve arranged many things in just one package for their ease.

In the just package, we’ll have a complete tour and the recreations of old traditional Dubai culture in just one hour. When the session of camel Dubai safari gets complete, our drivers will drop you off at the parking place of your vehicles.

The culture dancing gives fun to the viewers. This is basically Arabian style dance in the Arabian traditional outfits. The colours of the night, the sunset and the light dazzling flames give comfort to your eyes.

If you haven’t booked any package from our website then go and grab your booking for amazing pleasure. Your heart will fill the Arabian thumps and you’ll want to enjoy it again.

Camel Tours

The camels are a beautiful creature that have the capability to survive for months without having water. They’re polite in nature and there’s a wild act in them just like the wild animals.

They are the companions of men through the desert rides from several years ago. The empires and the people of the old times used to travel day and night on camels. They did the rides of months with their companion camels.

Camel tours are the traditional and old tours in the Arabian states. Now the Dubai Camel Safari has invoked. Our camel tours provide the safe and conventional camel ride to see the deserts of Dubai.

Our camel tours include the 45 minutes ride and make you visit the Bedouin camps. You’ll enjoy countless features in a royal way. The whole trip includes traditional items and activities.

We serve you temptatious Arabian cuisines to our guests so at any time you’ll no hunger. We give the Camel tours of Dubai Safari in the session of morning and evening.

We have made a package for our honourable guests. This package price is only 249 AED per person. This package is cost effective as it includes the whole tour from the camel rides to the dinner everything in it. There’re no hidden charges.

You can’t find all these things at such an affordable price. The basic purpose of the package is to entertain your guests with the most convenient way that they can easily afford.