How to experience the best Dubai Evening Desert Safari

Dubai is getting a lot of attention from tourists as it is one of the most famous tourists spots on the planet, the reason is, Dubai, United Arab Emirates is made for such purpose, to attract people from all around the world to visit here and experience the thrilling architecture, elegant buildings and hotels on desert. The place where people from all nations come for various purposes, a place with policemen driving super cars, the famous Aqua venture Water park, those dancing Dubai Fountains, the Dubai Mall and a whole lot more. However, one of the best outdoor adventurous activity in Dubai is evening at Desert Safari, people of Dubai say, “If you’ve visited Dubai but haven’t experienced the Dubai Evening desert Safari, you haven’t visited Dubai at all”.


Want to have fun and adventure in Best Dubai desert safari!

Evening at safari is an adventure where you forget all the things of the world and just make some thrilling memories. Why it is fun? It is because it is so amazing to watch everything there, the scenes of sandy deserts, the magnificent scene of the Sun setting, camels walking in the line with young cheering people riding on them. Dozens of cruisers mingling all over the desert, great dinner in night with the legendary Sheesha, a place where you forget the crazy hot environment of the desert and just enjoy the lovely moments. You must have this Best Dubai desert safari to make some lifetime unforgettable memories, have some moments of joy, take some amazing pictures and spend a great time with your loved ones.

Dubai Evening Desert SafariThe real adventure at Dubai evening desert safari

So, you have made up your mind to go to desert Safari and are curious about this whole place, about the adventure in it? So, you are at the right place, because we are going to describe some of the top adventures you can experience in Dubai Desert Evening Safari.

  • Camping – Camping is always been fun, but camping on the desert. Damn! That’s going to be a hell of an adventure, all you need to is to get the best camping for your needs
  • Dune Bashing – This is the main thing there, you are young and furious and want to experience the desert safari in Dubai then ride on it like crazy people, then,and Dune bashing is for you.
  • Wild life Safari – Want some wildlife experience in the desert and don’t want to get some bad jumps in a cruiser during Dune Bashing, then you probably should go for the wildlife safari. You will get an Africa like wildlife experience but this time it will be on sand, much thrilling, right.
  • Exquisite Dinner – Not forgetting the food, the dinner they make in the desert, Ah God! That is just delicious and finger licking, you will love that grilled meat, and I assure you that. Evening desertsafari with BBQ dinner is definitely going to be memorable.
  • Belly Dancing – Well, this is the cheesy entertainment you get at night of Safari, Sadly when I visited Dubai last time in Ramadan Month, they didn’t show me belly dancing, so if you want to enjoy beautiful ladies in bikinis, doing belly dancing, don’t go in Ramadan or some other Islamic Occasions.



Lets highlight the Dubai Evening desert safari timings so customers can manage time in their tour accordingly. Usually, in summer, the timings when our Drivers pick customers from hotels are around,

Palm Jumeirah: 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
JBR, Marina: 3:15 PM – 3:45 PM
Al Barsha: 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Downtown: 3:45 PM – 4:15 PM
Deira, Burdubai: 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM

These are timings when customers are sharing the vehicle with other tourists and when users are going to ride on a Private vehicle the timings will be around,

Palm Jumeirah: 3:45 PM
JBR, Marina: 4:00 PM
Al Barsha: : 4:15 PM
Downtown: 4:30 PM
Deira, Burdubai: 4:15 PM

Avail the best desert safari price range you will not get anywhere

These are the usual pickup times for various trip organizers, some places might differ but not much.In winter, the timings for Dubai Evening Desert safari are usually between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm and the return time to the city is always usually around 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Now, you want to know what will be the cost for all of it, what this Emirates desert safari offers? Well, Emirates Desert safari is here just for you and down here is the usual price range for  Desert Safari in Dubai, these all differ from the low budget to luxury packages.

The Evening Safari price starts from AED 55 – 100. Then it goes higher gradually, the budget package starts from almost AED 100  with just a little better service than a low budget package. Then there is the Economy package that most tourists take, it cost around AED 110 – 130, after this package, the better safari Dubai deals is Premium where you get a bit larger camp and better service for almost AED 350.

Get yourself registered for this limited time Evening desert safari deals!

Now, let’s get into Luxury where we charge you up to AED 900 and much better private setup with much facilities and at last the Most Luxurious Dubai Evening desert safari deals will charge you around AED 1500 but it includes of luxurious private setup, luxurious Cruisers, luxurious food and you get washrooms in it which aren’t available in other offers.

You are going to spend your time and money on it and it is a good question to ask if this little tour is actually worth it? Well, if you ask about desert safari Dubai review? Our customers stated several times that it was an extraordinary, wonderful and adventurous tour.