Hatta Mountain Safari Details

Hatta mountain safari could only be described when you see the mountain by your own eyes. The beauty of the mountain is spectacular. It is a real treat for the tourist who came to United Arab Emirates and wants to experience some beauteous moments. One cannot describe without seeing this Hatta Mountain. The scenes of the Hatta Safari takes the one back to the era of sixteen century that makes the people remind of their beautiful previous memories.

 Information about Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai:

The Hatta mountain safari Dubai is a wonderful place where you could plan the vacation for your family. You could go there and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that will be appealing to your eyes and soul. It could be the most memorable trip of your life. The freshwater flowing through the valleys of the Hatta Mountain is so mind refreshing. It is one of the best places of the UAE that are so close to the nature. The tourist will discover beautiful waterfalls that will stop their cars and make them see the iconic scenery. It will make them love the place with beautiful landscapes. The people who are far from the rural areas and the villages they will discover the ancient sceneries. The mountains and the wiggling lands of the Hatta of Dubai are divine.

Hatta Mountain Safari


It takes all the attention of the visitors that might not plan to go there but when they see the place, they will surely regret if they did not visit this place. The iconic and amiable sceneries make them realize the beauty of the nature. The green oasis is a best place for eating the meal. It makes the meal more appetizing. When you stand between  both banks of Hatta Wadi it makes you feel the best. It makes you feel that the universe is full of beautiful sceneries. After seeing this mountain you want to be more close to the nature than before it.

 All you want to know about HATTA TOUR PACKAGE

Hatta tour package is simply amazing. HATTA mountain safari package includes the pick and drop service. Lunch is also added in this package that will be in most royal place that is Hatta Fort Hotel. Hatta Fort Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels of UAE. When you visit this symbolic place, you want to capture the moments. The mountain picture and the damn lake picture are also included in this package. Heritage Village is also one of the most beautiful place to explore. Here the visitors can explore the tradition, culture and art of the Arabia. It takes the people back to the old time where culture, art and traditions were given much more importance than other things. The beauty of this mountain is relishing. It could not be explained without visiting. The Hatta mountain safari price is 99AED for per person.

The prices are very friendly and reasonable; one could enjoy the mountains in just two hundred and nine AED.  Safari tour in Dubai is amazing because it is one of the best tours of Dubai with amazing sceneries. This package gives you the service of the driver that will pick you from your location. The driver will come to your location in the early morning. The voyage will give you the inner solace. That will purify your soul and the body. These moments cherished in the mountain will be amazing moments of your life.


AED 99/ Person
From Door Step


AED 199/ Person
From Door Step