Every year the rate of tourism in Dubai has been increasing. They are continuously developing and constructing amazing touristy spots to entertain their visitors and make them eager to come back to visit Dubai. They have so much to explore for every age group and sets. They have entertainments stuff for kids, adventurous ventures for adults and romantic places for couples. Tourism in Dubai is increasing excessively due to which they are working on expansion of the tourism program.

Dubai is wining so many hearts because of the exceptional experience they provide. Tourism in Dubai is leading to people actually moving to Dubai and settling there, as there are a lot of opportunities for everyone. There is 11.6% contribution, which is done by tourism in Dubai’s GDP. In addition, Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports on the world.

Why Dubai has become a center of attraction for tourists?

Dubai is one of the most desired destinations for tourists. They love the tropical weather and eye catching beaches. Furthermore their safaris cannot be ignored as its one the main highlights and ‘must go’ for the tourists. Their safaris are available throughout the year. Dubai has approximately 555 hotels, and from which there are 62 are only ‘five star hotels’. UAE looks after their tourists very carefully and make sure to give them best of best experience. They have utilized their beaches and deserts in the best possible way to win tourist’s hearts. These are some favors and perks that tourists gets.

One lifetime experience which is Dubai desert trip.

Dubai desert trip is one of the most enchanting adventure. People all around the world comes here to cherish it. Dubai desert trip is also called desert safari. It is not just a safari, there is a lot more you are offered and that you can enjoy. It is a drive through ride to dunes in desert. Dubai desert trips has enormous activities like:

Live through wildlife experience

Live through wildlife experience consist of seeing desert’s wild life. Tourists get to see wild cats, monitor lizards and also falconry bread.

Camel ride in the desert

Camel ride in the desert is a must try. Tourist like to do a round trip on camel in desert which is very exciting and one hack of an experience. All the camels are friendly and trained. All the Dubai desert trip consist of small camel ride.

Thrilling rides and activity

Dubai desert trip also have incredible thrilling and breath taking activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing and dune buggy ride. They are offered in different tours.

Scrumptious Arab cuisine

There are various tour packages that may include food, but it is totally worth spending a little more and take complete experience of Emirati and Bedouin style of cuisine.  Try there specialty and taste their culture. Their authentic food and flavors are delicious and their hospitality is commendable too.

Cultural dance and music in the evenings

Dubai desert trip are a little hot and scorching in the day time, but their evenings are fairly chilly and cold. Therefore, taking full advantage of beautiful evening enjoying Arab’s traditional music and dance is worth undergoing. Furthermore, having their customary drinks and refreshments are cherry on the top.

Traditional and local entertainment

Dubai desert trip also incorporate some local entertainment for the tourists, such as henna tattoos, shesha and poultry painting.

Here are some heart wining desert safari Dubai reviews

Deseret safari Dubai reviews are so amazing. There are a lot of tourist site that has wonderful reviews about the safari. Moreover, there are numerous influencers like travel bloggers and vloggers, celebrities and youtubers who swear by the experience they had in the desert safari Dubai. Everyone strongly recommend desert safari after they have an experience of their own.

Dubai morning Safari deals are the best catch for tourists

Desert safari Dubai morning deals are something every tourist would want. There are so many various deals and packages. They have something for everyone. They make sure they cater everyone needs and preferences. Following are some incredible deals.

Desert safari Dubai morning deal: 4×4 with dune bashing.

This safari is 4hrs long. It has a pick and stop service from hotel. They have water and drinks loaded in the car. They are have stops for photo-shoot, along with capturing of landscape. Moreover, a short camel ride. Last but not the least, in a 4×4 land cruiser dune bashing ride.

Desert safari Dubai morning deal: 4WD vehicle.

It is also a 4hrs long safari. They also have an exciting short camel ride and a visit to Arabian camel farm. In addition with, sand boarding. Moreover, they have a quad biking adventure as well, which gives a rush of adrenalin to the tourists.

sand boarding, camel ride and brunch.

In this safari, the adventures starts with pick-up done from hotel. They are directly taken to desert for a safari in a 4×4 land cruiser. Furthermore, they are taken them to Al – khayama a traditional camp, for a mouthwatering and delicious feast. They offer a very Emirati cuisine brunch. They also demonstrate how to make the Arabian tea.

Moving forward, they provide a small camel ride. Along with a dune bashing ride. Last but not the least, in the end they sum it up with sand boarding activity.

Desert safari booking is very convenient.

Desert safari booking is so easy and expedient. There are plenty of tour guides, along with various deals and packages. Therefore, booking safari is just a click away. They can be done through their office, on call, though website or through their app they are available. Desert safari booking is one easy step for a great adventure. Pre booking saves a lot of time and money. They provide seasonal and occasional deals and discounts too.

To wrap up,

In my opinion, tourism in Dubai is excessive for the reason that it is absurd and remarkable experience each one of us should experience and live. They are number for their amazing hospitality and generousness.