Dubai is one of the most multicultural country. They have so much to mesmerize tourists.  Since 2017 there were 15.79 million tourists who have visited Dubai, according to Dubai tourist board. There assumption is that, there will be 20 million visitors in 2020. Dubai is also known as center of touristy hub. Their development over the years are commendable.

Dubai night

What does Dubai offer the tourists?

Dubai has developed so much over the years. It has some extremely unique and eye catching views and activities to offer. They have incorporated breath taking adventures to highly elite and posh hotels and restaurants to excite its tourists. They have constructed incredible building and malls. Dubai have amazing night life as well. There are enchanting clubs and parties all over the week. Moreover, they have surreal beaches. They also highlighted marine life in the most wonderful manner, like no one else. They also have to offer activities to tourists like, mentioned below

The most adventurous Camel desert safari.

Camel desert safari is a camel ride in Dubai. It is one of the most common yet most demanded activity that tourist love to do. It is a 7 hours adventure that integrate other astonishing aspects, to make the tourist’s experience even more delightful.

Camel Safari

It starts with, a 45minute of camel ride in Bedouin style to camps for royal desert retreat. In the evening, when the sun sets, they demonstrate traditional coffee-making. There are henna artists on board as well. In this safari they show falconry bread. Furthermore, they serve 4 meal course which is delicious and had a hint of Arabian culture. The ambience is enchanted with the traditional music and dance. To end the lovely evening they have pick and drop service to central Dubai.

What about the expense and cost of desert safari?

The cost of desert safari is kept very standard. They very keeping in mind that all them tourist should experience this incredible experience. They are generous enough to keep kids under 3 years free. Then they have different pricing for the kids of 3-10 years and a different price range for adults. They have different packages for groups.

Dubai city tour is also very eye catching for tourists.

Dubai city tour consist of many things. They have different routes and various tour guides. Dubai is full of unbelievable places that are must see and experience.

Dubai city Tour

To begin with, Dubai has two routes. First of all they have a (Red route) which is the city tour. In this tour tourists get to see building and monuments. They have immense malls and amazing restaurants. Secondly, they have (Blue route) which consist of marine tour. In this tour they have beaches and island. This gives you a chance to see the marine life, underwater restaurants and hotels. They have fountain show which nothing less than a dream. Last but not the least, they cruise tour is the golden seal of the blue route.

In addition, they have various tour guides for Dubai city tour. They have different packages. They have different places to visit in different deals, which are customize according to the tourists choice.

Here are some best desert safari operators.

There are plenty of wonderful desert safari operators who offers amazing guides and tours. They are designed accordingly. Each one has some unique and different premium factors. Few of the cream operators are: Desert safari rides, they have tours for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They are one if the top notch desert safari operators in UAE. There hospitality is well known and recognized all over the UAE. They promise a life time experience.

Furthermore, there is Emirates Desert Safari , they are also unique and amazing in what they serve to the tourists. Their dedication to offer core value is first priority. They make sure they satisfy their tourist and fulfill their desire. Desert safari UAE is in top ranking operators of Dubai. Last but not the least, they provides discounts and deals to the tourists as well.

Even more, DXB tours is also finest operators of desert safari. They have premium and luxurious safari options. They are providers of best experience and commitments. They vision is to make sure all the tourists are happy and have the best time of their lives. They are high end tours. DXB tours are well known for the best desert safari operators.

These are few Best evening desert safari operators in Dubai. They are reputed and also won awards for their incredible services. They are exceptional in their own ways. Each one have very amazing reviews.

In the end.

I believe Dubai is one of the most interesting and wonderful place to visit and everyone should at least visit there once to experience the Emirati traditions and culture.