About Dubai:

Dubai is the Muslimemirate but had the most liberal approach among all emirates. This human-made paradise keeps on adding luxuries, colors, funs, and wonderful feathers to its cap. Dubai is must be visited to be believed. If we are looking for general information about Dubai, then this paradise located on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf. Its area comprises of approximately 3,900 square kilometers. The dynamics of Dubai are always transient and ever-changing with its continuous desire to improve its culture and architecture day by day.  Dubai constantly dwells its suppressive struggle with itself trying to attract tourist to a fantasy of attraction and unheard luxuries around the globe. Dubai is considered as a hub for business and tourist attraction. A huge investment predicts Dubai, as grow into the global financial center. This splendid city homes to the world most attractive landmarks, skyscrapers, expensive hotels and restaurants, parks, and nightlife. Dubai is an exact combination of culture, tradition, business, fun, and exposures.

Dubai Tourism guide:

Dubai is the fourth most visited place across the globe after Bangkok, Paris, and London according to MasterCard Global Destination cities index. By the current survey, the tourism industry in Dubai is the most profitable industry from last few years. The chief executive of tourism Issam Kazim said, In the success of Dubai, there is a strong contribution tothe new attraction and massive experiences. Dubai is a liberal city but had some definite rules that need to be followed. You have to respect the rules in public places but privately you can do what ever you want.

The vast deserts, intriguing beaches, highly luxurious hotels and shopping malls, cultural and heritage attraction, and booming business concepts magnetizing people around the globe. Each year Dubai receives millions of vocational and business visitors. This ratio is also increasing day by day. All across the world Dubai facts tourism benefits from a wide range of services and infrastructure to promote disturbance-free trip. There are many Dubai tourism packages from different companies. But Emirates desert safari introduced many economical packages for visitors and tourists.

Accommodation and weather of Dubai:

In Dubai, accommodation is quite expensive. Hotels have many luxuries and facilities. You can enjoy the best service and avail of different opportunities to enjoy your trip in good manners. These hotels are clean and fully ventilated with different natural scenes. If you want to rent an apartment then you have many choices to match your style. These apartments have stylish and modern bathrooms, well-equipped kitchen, rooftop pools along with air condition. By the administration of many hotels and apartments, many tourism packages were introduced for customer ease. Every hotel provides a complete map of Dubai information for tourists. Many places are surrounded by fine dining restaurants, gyms, clubs, cocktail bars, poolside shisha.

Duabi as a dream

The warm and sunny climate in Dubai is perfect for tourism. Most of the year, the atmosphere is mild with low rainfall. From June to August, the summers is at its peak with high humidity. In terms of climate, this season is worst for traveling and visiting this place. Dubai took some advance necessary steps for high temperature. All public transports, shopping malls, resorts, indoor parks, hotels and restaurants are fully air-conditioned. The best and most attractive time to visit Dubai is from September to March.But these months are considered as a peak visited months across the globe. So, to relax and calm traveling booking your accommodation will be highly advised.

Shopping tourism:

Dubai becomes the most visited place in recent years. It is not only a famous tourist destination but also a dream destination for shopping craze. By a survey, Dubai is voted as number one shopping destination. Dubai has an extraordinary blend of services that provide a truly significant and comfortable shopping experience for customers. Dubai is the mainstream of international brands and retail outlets challenging others across the world. By the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing gives a key attribute to Emirates as the best shopping destination in the Arab world. This department improves and promotes it by reinforcing the reputation of Dubai as the best shopping capital of the World. Every year Dubai attracts many shopping lovers from the world by its shopping-oriented festivals such as Dubai Shopping Festivals and Dubai Summer Surprises.

Nightlife Attraction:

One of the most tourist’s attraction is Dubai nightlife. Dubai has a variety to offer in aspects of late-night entertainment and Dubai claims to fame is in its lively nightlife. Most popular and world-famousclubs’ nights and DJ’s came across the globe to attract tourism. The most demanded artists around the world including Solomon, Guetta David, Carl Cox  as well as the more underground artists like 50 cents came to Dubai to entertain visitors on a weekly basis.The well-renowned hotels have night club and bars. As Dubai is Muslim emirates that why Alcohol is not allowed openly. The legal age for clubbing and drinking is 21 while the night clubs strictly adhere to this rule. If you want to be entertained by the clubs, you must have your Passport along with you if you are a visitor but if you are living in Emirates then you must have Emirate ID or driving license along with you for the hassle-free visit. For clubbing, you can wear the outfit accordingly but not allowed in public. Thursday and Friday are reflected as the most visited days in clubs. The crowd varies from club to club but mostly on these days, all the clubs are packed because of the end of work week. The timing of the club starts at 10:00 pm till the late night approximately 3:00 am, although most bars are closed around 1:00 am. All the clubs offer an appropriate environment to enjoy the joy of lush landscaping, dance floor, DJ booth while dancing on the beat under the Arabian tunes. The seven most famous night clubs are club 360, Nasimi Beach, Trilogy, Barasti, Boudoir, Mahiki, and N’Dulge.