Dubai, the capital is located on the Persian Coast of the UAE, is bordered by Abu Dhabi from the south, shares its border in the northeast with Sharjah, and southeast by Sultanate Of Oman. Situated on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is tangled with sand from 3 sides. Dubai is popular for sightseeing attractions such as beautifully designed landmarks, skyscrapers, creek, mosques, malls, gardens, culture, and heritage. A trip to Dubai is more attractive and full of surprises with its panoramic views. Especially, Desert Safari has considered as a mainstream of tourism magnetise towards Dubai as the moth to a flame. Dubai desert safari captures the hearts of many tourists around the globe throughout the year, by its countless entertaining activities and hospitality. Dubai desert safari is famous because of its wide range of attractions among all age groups. The Dubai desert is a supreme way to get unlimited and unsurpassed enjoyment. It has a vast range of attractions to conquer.

Dune bashing is one of the iconic off-road experience on sand dunes.  Among youngsters, sand boarding and sand skiing is very popular. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding but it involves sand dune desert for riding while standing on the board. It is not an easy job. If you are an expert, then you can avail this chance otherwise it will be a great loss for you. Sandboard and snowboards are quite similar but the sandboards have harder bases than snowboards and built out of the formica or laminex. Their bases are usually waxed with paraffin. For sand boarding and sand skiing there is no need for specific outfits or costumes. You just need wax, board and goggles if you are sandboarding. If you are sand skiing then you just need a pair of skis and skis poles. Using the sandboards and sand skiing people surf on the sand and get a hilarious and breathtaking experience they had never before. You don’t need any experience for bashing the sand dunes Dubai and indulging in different activities because of the properly trained guide is always around you. Our guide will always available to guide you for sport and get utmost and esthetic enjoyment.

Desert SafariThe main and most famous animal for bashing and sand dune desert is a camel. Desert without riding a camel is like a plant growth without light and water. Camels are known as “the ship of the desert”. Desert tour is always incomplete without the camel ride. Camels are considered as an integral part of the desert. These human-friendly giants still have very importance in Arab culture because before the invention od 4×4 cruisers they used camels to cross the deserts. The sand dunes and panoramic views of desert appeal to many nature lovers for the photoshoot. If you are not an expert, then you can also hire the best photographer for your rememberable the photoshoot. The aromatic essence of the desert with always with you in the form of pictures. You may be experiencing the photoshoot with tamed parrots but desert safari offers you a heart taking the experience of a photo shoot with flying falcons and show your friends by posting your pictures on Facebook and Instagram who is the boss? The evening view when the sun sets and sent his cold rays to glitters the sand, It is also a memorable scenic view of the desert.

After a day full of thrill and adventure, the soothing evening view there are many more for relaxing and calming your heart and soul. Central camps in the desert, are waiting for you to give you a true experience of Bediouns lifestyle and traditions. These Arabian themed Bediouns style camp base are invited you to sit in couches and appreciate Arabian floor sitting. Their hospitality is very famous among all the visitors. They offer you to partake in traditional emirate activities like shisha smoking, henna painting, face painting in kids and even camel or horse riding too. Henna painting is used in Arabian culture to texture hands, arms and feet. It has a refreshing fragrance and lasts for 3 to 4 days. You are warmly welcomed by with different drinks, coffee, Arabian Kehwa and tea before dinner. These traditional Arabian carpets give you more fun and royal feelings about yourself. They are also offering Arabian traditional costumes to wear and get fun for your Facebook and Instagram to appreciate the real Arabian culture.  You can also rejoice yourself with some world-class 5 entertainment live shows like Fire show, Tanura dance, Belly dance,  Puppet plays for children, and Arabian Halla Dance. After all, these activities fuel up yourself and serve your craving with a wide array of traditional and international standard buffet-style mouth-watering dinner. It had exclusive options for vegetarians and non-vegetarian with the twist of grilled barbecue. You can enjoy the nude sky by gazing the stars laying in the camp. This unforgettable view of sparkling stars will always be with you in your good memories. After these mind-blowing experiences, one can say that the desert safari Dubai experience is something beyond the expectations. The pleasant effects of the desert are not easy for the description.